Friday, September 24, 2021
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Africa Diaspora, much more than the Remittance

Africa Diaspora, the hand that keeps on giving

It is a known fact of the important economic role that the African diaspora plays, contributing at least $84 billion to the continent’s gross domestic product — significantly more than the $47 billion that Africa receives from foreign direct investment and the $50  billion it receives in aid. These funds play an important role in supporting everyday costs, and unlike  foreign aid and FDI, diaspora remittance goes directly to where it is needed most and directly to  households for domestic purposes: ranging from food and school fees for siblings to health care for  relatives and new homes for ageing parents. But Africans in the Diaspora are much more than the dollars, euros or pounds they send home, how can societies tap into Diaspora’s economic, social, political and intellectual resource they are?

Embrace Africa Diaspora


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