Friday, September 24, 2021
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Policing in Britain under the spotlight

Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain met with law enforcement officials yesterday after the London police faced a firestorm of criticism for cracking down on a vigil on Saturday.
Officials are investigating police tactics at the event, which had been declared unlawful because of coronavirus restrictions. The vigil honored Sarah Everard, 33, whose killing touched off a national outcry over misogyny and violence. A Metropolitan Police officer has been charged in her death.
Many women have questioned why the police — who reportedly told residents in the South London neighborhood where Ms. Everard disappeared to stay inside for their own safety — were demanding sacrifices from women rather than forcing men to forsake violence.
Later this week, Parliament is set to debate legislation that would grant the police more powers to control protests. Mr. Johnson said the bill would also increase sentences for rape and tackle domestic violence.
Related: Thousands took to the streets in at least 40 cities across Australia to protest violence and discrimination against women, spurred by multiple allegations of rape in the country’s halls of power.

Source: New York Times


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