Friday, September 24, 2021
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Trevor Noah rocks in London’s O2 arena : BacktoAbnormal World Tour

Despite living in London for over a decade, I never had a reason to visit the 02 arena, I just couldn’t cope with large crowds, but just like that, my fear of ‘many strange looking people’ was cured, you guessed right, the greatest comedian of our time, at least according to my 14 year old was in town.  The two hour wait for this genius was worth every moment. Trevor Noah South African host of the Daily show didn’t disappoint.  He touched on very weighty subjects like racism, inequality, Vaccine apartheid. Topical issues the society is grappling with, It was deep yet very funny.

Jokes about sensational reporting/Journalism particularly on Africa were right at home with me. The world still haven’t figured out why Covid 19 didn’t wipe out the entire African populations, given the earlier commentaries.

He took a swipe on Brexit, pretty obvious but the joke of Nandos running out of chicken, the British culture of ‘politiness’ apologising for everything including colonisation but won’t return the jewels or the many things they stole from the continent. He also spoke about the Commonwealth, but nothing common about the wealth of the members of the organisation. Great materials for a UK audience; pubs, Brexit, Boris catching Covid, Megan Markle and football racism. He is simply a magician, the way he worked the crowds, 2 hours straight, only stopping a second to sip some water. Back to Abnormal was certainly a treat



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